10 cult TV series of the 90s (and no "Santa Barbara")

By the mid-1990s, along with simple «soap», High-quality serials that have not been inferior to full-length films began to appear. Come on with Lisa.RU Recall that we looked and ponostalching.

1 "Ambulance", USA

Fashion Trencher for Medical TV Series. The life of the response department of ambulance in the Chicago hospital was shown very realistic. The producer of the first episodes was made by the famous film director Stephen Spielberg. The series received a lot of prestigious awards and the huge love of viewers who did not scare the abundance of medical terms. Is it important when a charismatic pediatrician in the frame is performed by anyone else not known George Clooney? By the way, and other actors of this cult series of the 90s the fate has developed quite successfully (we tell more about it here).

2 "Poiro", United Kingdom

The passion of viewers to the detectives fully could satisfy the series with a magnificent British actor David land. "Poiro" distinguished from other similar series with a careful attitude towards the original source and subtle English humor. On our television to compete with the popularity of Belgian detective in the 90s, could the American lieutenant Colombo.

3 "The Adventures of the Royal Arrow", United Kingdom

The male part of the audience was attracted in the series of the battle of the XIX century, and the female – the peripetia of the personal life of the courageous arrow of Sharp performed by a handsome Sean Bina. Unlike its future high-profile projects ("Lord of the Rings" and "Games of the Thrones"), the hero of Bina remains alive and well for all 16 episodes.

4 "Babylon-5", USA

One of the best scientific fiction serials in which the studied plot, music, special effects were bribed (even NASA was impressed). In fact, these are "Star Wars" in a multi-seater format. Only here is everything in an adult: wars, political intrigues, diseases, death, class inequality and other quite real things. Space station "Babylon-5" turned out to be the world in miniature with his rather complicated philosophy.

5 "Secret Materials", USA

Paranormal, mystical and sometimes even scary series did not give to relax for a minute. We looked at the truth with a tension, which is somewhere nearby. Calm and the relationship of Fox Mulder’s agents did not add to us (in his role – David Gukhovanny, one of the hottest actors of the 90s) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), more similar to the American slides. In short, TV viewers had a huge scope for fantasy. After all, by the number of mysteries, "secret materials" was not inferior to the legendary Twin Picus David Lynch.

6 "Dr. Quen, Female doctor", USA

Tired of tearful soap operas, the soul requested more! Finally, the screens come out the dramatic series with Western elements. The story of a woman who risked in the middle of the XIX century not only to become a doctor, but also to treat people to the wildest West, and today you can watch with pleasure. Each series tells about unusual cases in the medical practice of that time. Of course, without love it did not cost. Handsome Sally broke not one female heart on the other side of the screen.

7 "Petersburg Secrets", Russia

10 Cult TV series of the 90s (and no

The concept of "soap" was alien to our acting environment. Whether the case is historical melodramas on novels of famous writers. As a primary source for the Petersburg secretions, they took the book of Vsevolod of the Cross. Just removed the entire social drama. It turned out a beautiful costume serial with a whole Pleiamnaya famous artists: from Nikolai Karachentsov (by the way, at the same time we remember the best films of the actor) to Natalia Gundarere and Elena Yakovleva. Petersburg Secrets Protopted the path for the "Queen Margo", "Countess de Monsoro" and, of course, "poor Nastya", but this is another story.

8 "Tropicanka", Brazil

Deliveries of "Soap" from Mexico and Venezuelas walked regularly. But Brazil after the success of the "Slave Jesura" somehow lagging behind. And here the "Tropicanka" splashed on our screen – the series with a completely different aesthetics. The action unfolded not only in rich houses, but in nature. Beach, Ocean and cocktails with umbrellas … All this fascinated by the audience and prepared for something more. Before the release of the main Brazilian masterpiece – the series "Clone" – remained ten years.

9 "Streets of broken lamps", Russia

Good Theater Actors, Scenario, written in the books of the real Suskar Andrei Kivinov. Even with such factors, no one believed in the project, including its creators. Who will watch the series about cops and our unsightly life?! Much more pleasant to watch tears in rich houses Mexico, than what is going on on the streets of Peter. But the series was waiting for a phenomenal success – he walked a few decades (and even now talking about the continuation). Thanks to the "Streets" the word "ment" ceased to be abusive. Operatives suddenly became "own in the board". Despite the benchmark, the ever-broken office and dangerous work, they continued to go, drinking (what to hide) and catch criminals.

10 "Wild Angel", Argentina

In the first soap operations (and also Indian films), it was amazed that the age of the heroes play age actors (under the hot sun agreed earlier?!). For example, in the "Wild Rose" 35-year-old Veronica Castro clearly did not pull on a 18-year-old rose (a few more interesting facts about the life of Mexican actress read here). By the end of the 90s, everything fell into place. In the new Argentine TV series on the actors nice to watch. We gladly argued how the Hero of the Facundo of Aran is better – with a tail or without! Guess the capital melody from the "Wild Angel" from two notes. And the Uruguay singer and actress Natalia Oreiro at all elevated to the status of idols

10 Cult TV series of the 90s (and no

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