10 "Cannot" for parents in child education

There are no general rules that should learn the parents about the education of children, because they cannot approach all cases of life and any situations, there are no such rules. All kids are different and each kid is individual, ranging from appearance and ending with the character. However, there are still things that should not be applied when upbringing any child. Now we will talk about what parents do not categorically impossible.

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So, what things need to be avoided when the crumbs are upbringing:

Do not humiliate the baby

Sometimes, without noticing, not noticing, not on purpose, we can tell me: "You no longer come up with nothing? Why do you need a head on my shouldchand?"And all in such a way. And everybout when the baby hears such things from us, he is destroyed with a positive. Therefore, parents, remember that such things do not need to talk to no orders.

Do not threaten the child

Many moms and dads tell a child: "If you try again, I’m you …" or "or now you do, what I told you or Prenage myself!". Remember that whenever the child hears it, it is better for it to treat you or fulfill your requests. You yourself teach your companion to be afraid of you and hate. No threat can become useful to you, because the behavior of the baby can only worse.

Do not demand promises

Often, even on the street or in the cinema, you can see how the baby will do it, and mom says: "So now I promise me that you will do it anymore," while the child, of course, promises. However, the kid later repeats what promised never to do. Parents are offended and frustrated, the whole cleaner promised. Remember that for crumbs promise it is still that a dipstick, he does not know what it is. After all, the promise is always intertwined with the future, and children live only today and this moment that happens at that moment. If your child is too conscientious and sensitive, then your promises will produce a sense of guilt in it, and if he, on the contrary, more worm in relation to feelings, then you will develop in crumbs cynicism. The Wasws know that you can say anything, but to do ..

Do not go around the child

If you will take care of the child overly, then with time, with time, it is for the thought that it myself is an empty place and without your help anything is nothing to do. Many moms and dads are wrong with the fact that the baby can do many things on their own, underestimate. Your motto should be phrase: "Never do for a child what he is able to do independently".

Do not require recycling of urgent obedience

Just imagine that your husband says: "Cute what you do there? Let’s throw everything and now make me coffee!»Probably dropped out in shock from such a joint tone.Also, the child does not like the child when you demand that he urges your request, while leaving all his affairs, without a second of delay.

Do not indulge in the child


Now we are talking about permissiveness. Children are very sensitive, so they immediately, when parents are overly firm or, on the contrary, are afraid to be tough.It is at such moments that children cross the boundaries of the permitted, and parents are not paying attention to this or they are simply afraid to refuse their choices. So you instill in the child that in all the rules there are exceptions, so you only need to be a few, so that everything is as they want.


For example, on Saturday you have a good mood and you yourself sore the baby to do everything for him under the ban or some kind of things. But on Tuesday, when he begins to do what you allowed him on Saturday, you scold him ignite what you can not do. Follow yourself in place of crumbs. How can you learn how to drive a car, if the environment and Thursday can not be easily located, and on the other days you can?

Remember that children are not adult people, so they need a choice in your decisions and actions.

Do not demand from the kid that does not correspond to its age

You should not wait from your two-year-old child so that it is permanently as in five years, because you can develop only the hostility in it, and not good behavior.

Do not require the child of the maturity of behavior, which is not capable of which it is not able to affect the development of his self-awareness.

Do not speak too much about morality

We speak to your child every day. Thousands of wrappering. If you just take a recruit all the words that hears the kid per day and give to listen to their parents, it is possible to say it to say that you will be amazed. What are you not telling your kids!Grumble, some stories, lectures about morality, ridicule, threats … The child is simply "turning off" under your verbal flow and its influence. Only so he can protect himself, therefore, it is mastering this way. From the clogging that the baby cannot completely disconnect, it begins to feel the feelings, as a result, a child is formed negative self-esteem.

Do not take Ubenka right to remain a child

Just for a minute, imagine that you have grown a distinctive child: it always respects adults and elderly, never rebells, it can always be controlled everywhere, he is quiet calm, does everything they ask him. He is deprived of any negative – he is neat, conscientious, honest. Perhaps in such a situation we interact with small adults?Any psychologist will tell you that the "exemplary" child can not be abusive. Because his "I" hidden a shell, but inside you themselves developed and built serious-modest problems in it.

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