10 Best Roles: Alicia Vicander

For those who have flashed not yet all tears on the "light in the ocean", we have prepared a brief excursion by Alicia filmography.

If Alicia Vicander has not yet entered the list of your favorite actresses, you may not carefully follow the kinonovinki all last year. During this time, a native of Gothenburg managed not only four times to celebrate in the Russian and world box office, but also to win one of the most prestigious awards in his career – the Oscar premium for the best female role of the second plan ("Girl from Denmark", 2015).

"Cleanliness", 2009

It was so possible to describe the portfolio of Young Wikander, when the director of the film Liza Langset film was released on her. Bypassing all the dramatic schools of Sweden, Langsen entrusted one of the main roles of inexperienced alias and in general did not lose. A leisurely parable about the saving strength of music was the opening of European independent film festivals and did not stay without awards.

"Royal Roman", 2012

To get a role in the historic drama about the Union of Princess of England and the Mad King of Denmark, Vicander had to learn Danish in the shortest possible time. With this task, the Swedie coped brilliantly, becoming the main contender for the role of Princess Carolina Matilda in the list of director Nikolai Arsel. Critics also had no doubt left to reward – from Berlin the film crew took two "silver bears".

"Anna Karenina", 2012

The screening of Russian classics has become for a young actress the first big English-speaking project. The filming of the film coincided with moving to London, where Alicia settled in a close apartment in Notting Hill, who had to be divided into three friends. In the interruptions between the filming, Alicia went on auditions and castings. It is rumored that in the film content Joe Wright, young and modest Vicander eclipsed by Kira Knightley. Be that as it may, after the premiere, the need to run through the castings disappeared by itself: the abundance from new proposals was no longer.

"Fifth power", 2013

In 2013, the name of Alicia Vicander appeared in the titles of the biographical thriller "Fifth Power" about the life and fate of the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange. From this picture for Alicia, the era of Star Filmpartlers came – perhaps, not a single actress was so lucky with talented neighbors by frame. In the "fifth power", it appears on the screen with Benedict Cumberbetch.

"Memories of the future", 2014

This project has become another professional test for Wikander: as part of preparation for shooting Alicia several times met with Baroness Shirley Williams. Around the biography of her mother of faith mitten and the plot of the historical drama about the period of the First World War is built. Together with Alicia, Keith Harington starred in the film, our favorite John Snow from the "Game of Thrones".

"Girl from Denmark", 2015

Three years after the "royal novel", the Babe renewed in Denmark again and again for the sake of a film about not easy family relations. This time, the spouse of Heroine Vicander, unlike the Danish king, is absolutely in his own mind and thinks the first sex in history, the heroine of Alicia, along the plot, supports it in every way. It is for this role that Alicia Vicander receives the most prestigious award in his career – the first "Oscar" – and becomes the second in the history of the Swede, who managed to conquer this prestigious film charm.

10 Best roles Alicia Vicander

"Agents A.N.TO.L.", 2015

Finally for a serious actress Vicander came the time of spy comedies. Dilute the portfolio of something less tears, Alicia decided in the company director Gaya Richie. In "Agents a.N.TO.L."She performs the role of Gabi Teller, German intelligence officers (for the sake of this role to teach German, fortunately, did not have to). Joanna Johnson’s Film Costume Worker, perfectly recreated the 60s style, deserves special viewers.

"From the car", 2015

In the film Alex Gland "From Machine" Alicia Vicander played ABU, a woman-robot woman with an artificial intelligence, which is trying to undergo an improved Turing Test. When working on a way, special attention was paid to the facial expressions of the robot, here it is not a sin to remember another film – "Person" Ingmar Bergman, where the entire acting game is also built on the movements of the face muscles.

"Jason Born", 2016

The spy fighter, but without the comedian console (however, considering the hidden and obvious comedy talents of Matt Damon with this can even argue). "Jason Born" – a fifth film about the former CIA Agent, in which Alicia Vikander (surprise!) executes the role of ambitious spy Heather Lee. All components of success, such as endless verses and intrigues of the cerebral underground, on the spot. This time, however, it cost without historical costumes and cramped corsets, in hatred to which at the dawn career actress was recognized by the British GQ.

"Light in the ocean", 2016

The screening of the world bestseller about a married couple, which is trying to find happiness, assigning someone else’s child. One of the most touching and sentimental films in a quarry of the Swedish actress. It is worth looking and for the sake of impeccable acting duet Vicander and Fassbender (which, by the way, quite quickly converts into real relationship outside the set, what to see the journalists now do not get tired), and for the fascinating plans of nature, and for the sake of brilliant musical accompanying. However, as always in such cases, before viewing, it is at least to familiarize himself with the book Margo Stadman.

10 Best roles Alicia Vicander

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