10 best historical novels

How good when reading fiction, you know many unknown historical facts. How much can the author of labor, scrupulsiness and talent, to write a beautiful, readable text and not to turn the story. It seems to me that historical novels are the most difficult literary genre. And we with you have a unique opportunity to combine a pleasant with useful. And enjoy the book, and learn history.

1. "Kamo Sights", Henrik Senkevich

The historical romance of the Polish writer was completed in 1896. Then it was fully published, and before that came out parts in journals. The work has been translated into 50 languages ​​of the world and contributed to the author of the Nobel Prize in 1905. In Russian translation, work is known as "where to go". Successfully filled with Hollywood in 1951 and Poland in 2001.

The events of the novel occur in the Roman Empire I century during Nero Imperiality. The history of the board of this historical character is interesting in itself. Madness, mania, mental deviations, complexes, orgies, mass murders, poisoning – and many other horrors taking place during this period. Surprisingly, such a person ruled almost a half world. Against this background, the tragedy of the martyr’s death of the most devoted Apostles Christ – Peter and Paul.

2. "Tais Athens", Ivan Efremov

The historical work of 1972 is based on real events. Talks about the life of the favorite of Alexander Macedonsky, Gometers Thais from Athens. Time – 300s before.NS. Tais accompanied Alexander in all his campaigns and was famous for his great mind and female wisdom for his time.

The reader will get acquainted not only with interesting facts of pre-Christian history, but enthusiastically adventures will recognize the philosophical views of the author-science fiction about a man in general.

3. "Peter I", Alexey Tolstoy

The best historical novel with a long history of writing. The author began working on it in 1929. In 1934 – 2 first volumes were ready. The third book Tolstoy began to write in 1943, but did not have time to finish. The events of the novel ends 1704th year. The comprehensive energy of Emperor Peter was enough and to "cut the window to Europe", and to radically rebuild Russia itself. The product is filled with a variety of accurate historical facts. The novel is greatly shielded.

4. "Even one of the kind of Boleyn", Phillip Gregory

This is the most famous novel of the English writer. Maria Balin, a notable, beautiful lady, becomes the favorite of King Henry VIII, thanks to the court intrigue. The relatives of the royal mistress insist on the birth of an extramarital child to strengthen their secular position. However, the scene is coming out of sister Mary – Anna. She has much big ambitions – she hopes to become a queen over time. Initigi and thin game go.
Roman Flatzed.

5. Iron King, Maurice Duron

This is a historic romance from the Cycle "Damned Kings" of the French Publicist, Writer, Public Affairs. In his works, Dryon adhered to very accurate filing of historical facts. However, it did not prevent him from doing the plot of fascinating and exciting. The basis of the Iron King lies the legend that all disasters of France happened because of the deadly curse of the King of Philip Beautiful Great Magister of the Order of the Templars. In the novel, you can trace how the curses for a long time come true: from the beginning of the 14th century before the start of the Anglo-French 100-year war.

6. "Queen Margo", Alexander Duma

The historic work of 1845 from the trilogy of gughogen wars. Events unfold in 1572 from the wedding of Catholic Margarita and Protestant Heinrich Vastvarsky. Injury the Queen Margo was drawn into court sophisticated intrigues and political men’s games.

10 Best historical novels

7. "Unclean power", Valentin Pikul

According to the author, this book is his main literary luck. I do not know the picule of uninteresting books at all, but this is really special. Roman will introduce you to the adventures of the most odious, ambiguous, interesting person in Russian history – Grigory Rasputin. More exciting and detailed description of the life and death of the pets of women, the Savior Cesarevich Alexey, the Officials close to the emperor, it is difficult to find. Valentin Savvich processed a lot of historical materials, newspapers, magazines to write such a large-scale work. What was the first to be awarded award. M. A. Sholokhov (posthumously).

eight. "Feather and sword", Valentin Pikul

A multifaceted novel in five actions is a classic of historical Russian literature. The plot covers a seven-year war during the Board of Elizabeth Petrovna. And operates secrets of secret diplomacy during the period of this war: political games, blackmail, court intrigues. The main character who considered a woman actually was a man ..

nine. "Battle of Iron Chancellors", Valentin Pikul

The novel was first published in the USSR in 1977. The author introduces the reader with the history of the diplomatic relations of Russia with European Empires: Austria, Prussia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy. Events occur from 1850 to 1870.G. – a period of revolutions, sharp crises, wars.

ten. "Pharaoh", Boleslav Pruss

The historical work of the famous Polish writer was first published in 1897 (and previously printed in newspaper publications). The last of the large novels of the author. We get acquainted with the ancient Egypt of the XI century to N.NS. Why the most powerful state of the world collapsed? The author is looking for an answer to this question on the example of the struggle of the fictional historical figure of Ramses XIII from the untouchable.

10 Best historical novels

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