10 best domestic films about children and teenagers

Childhood and adolescence is the brightest and at the same time the most difficult period in the life of every person. The period of youth uncompromising maximalism, radical judgments, first love … This is time when everyone needs to decide which person he is ready to become in the foreseeable future. Can adults help their children to accomplish this difficult climbing from naive childhood into the brutal world of real life, tell us the films selected.

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Frame from k / f "You never dreamed"

You never dreamed, 1980

Schoolchildren Roman and Katya are drawn to each other with all the disgracefulness of the first love. Mother Kati is very happy in the second marriage and in the insight of this happiness understands the daughter well. The novel finds support from the Father, long ago and unresponsively loving Katina Mom. But there are people who do not know anything about love.

Frame from k / f "In my death, I ask to blame claw."

In my death, I ask to blame claw., 1979 year

Senezh was four years. He loved clavo at first glance and forever. He dragged for her from the family pencils, markers, barometer, fed ice cream in the "World" cafe, visited during the disease and did not notice other girls. And he learned to fifteen what treason is: Klava loved another. And then Sergey decided to reduce the scores with life.

Scarecrow, 1983

Full of dramatic collision film, filmed based on the story of the same name in. Zheleznikov. The story of a clean, courageous and dedicated girl Lena, called classmates "Chucks", will make the audience on a lot of glance with other eyes.

10 Best domestic films about children and teenagers

Courier, 1986

Graduate school Ivan, waiting for a call to the army, works by courier in the editorial office. Surrounding his solid adults with difficulty adapt to the amazing ability of this guy any event to turn into an incredible incident – sometimes worryingly funny, and sometimes irreparable sad.

Frame from k / f "Dear Elena Sergeevna"

Dear Elena Sergeevna, 1988

Pupils of graduation 10 "B" class came to congratulate their teacher happy birthday. But, as it turns out, they decided to do it at all on the kindness of spiritual, not because they know how dear Elena Sergeyevna is lonely, not because her mother is seriously sick and lies in the hospital, and not because this year they are It breaks out, leaving for adult life. They came with a bouquet and a gift because they know: Elena Sergeyevna is the key to the safe, where the exams are under.

Frame from k / f "American daughter"

American daughter, 1995

The hero of the film is a musician of one of the Moscow restaurants – arrives in San Francisco to … kidnap her daughter. A little Anunty secretly took his ex-wife with him, coming out married a respectable American.

In the fall of 1952, six-year Sanka and his young mother get acquainted in the train with a handsome military named Tolody. Katya falls in love with Togwhan, and all together they begin to live one family. But this brave and charming officer is not at all a retired military, but a professional thief.

Frame from k / f "Stone berry. Summer time"

Stone berry. Summer time, 2006

Summer in 1995. Suburban settlement. Here, as usual, boils your cheerful country life. High school students who arexicated by the freedom of three-month vacation behave respectively age. Email Meetings, Loud Music from the tape recorder, Guitar Breet, Light Flirt. In this frivolous, nor what is not a binding setting and is born this feeling between 15-year-old nicks and 16-year-old bones.

Frame from k / f "Everyone will die, but I will stay"

Everyone will die, but I will stay, 2008

Life is never easy, especially when you are fourteen years old. But some teenagers have to deal not only with their internal experiences and complexes and youthful maximalism, but also with brutal surrounding reality.

The film tells about the modern Moscow family experiencing a heavy, painful divorce. The main characters (Zhenya and Boris) are still spouses, but each of them has already actually started a new chapter of life, and therefore they do not wait to end the formalities and divorce. In a series of conflicts and endless mutual claims, Zhenya and Boris are negotiable by their only child, 12-year-old Alesh, who feels absolute impossibility to both parents. Suddenly after their next quarrel Alyosha disappears.

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