10 best daisy season

C Restarting Luxe Lip Color Line A year ago Changed design, formula and lipstick composition. Bobby Brown – a supporter of natural make-up, but among the ten new colors there was a place and several dark. Most of all we liked Plum Brandy – a quiet plum shade. Silk texture gives a dense coverage with light glitter. Vitamin and peptide complex consisting of lip skin.

Luxe Lip Color from Bobbi Brown, Hue Plum Brandy, 2860 USD


In the new liquid lipsticks ROUGE ALLURE INK have everything you need: convenience of applying, moisturizing and resistant color. The darker of eight shades is Experimentte, a plum-red with a warm subtock. On the lips looks semigloss and feels – like a balm, thanks to jojoba oil and a complex of antioxidants, which are more relevant than ever in winter. With such a lipstick even in a frosty day.


Rouge Dior from Dior, Shade 964 AMBITIOUS MATTE

Following the luxury fellows and DIOR updated its most popular lip line line ROUGE DIOR. Lipsticks came out in 38 colors, including quite unusual for the brand Light gray and blue. We chose a shade of 964 Ambitious Matte – satin wine, which becomes matte, if you just get a wipe lips with a napkin. Real Classic. Texture dense and does not require applying the second layer, which means economically spent.

Rouge Dior from Dior, Shade 964 AMBITIOUS MATTE, 2820 USD

Liptensity from M.A.C, Tint of BURNT Violet

Verified classic from M.A.C, only with an updated formula in which even more pigment. To create new products, Maureen Siberg’s tetrachromate put a hand – a person who can distinguish up to 100 million shades, not noticed by the usual eye. Lipstensity lipstick healing cracks and smooth out irregularities on the flakes of the lips. Application requires special skills, but the color pleases on the lips – a beautiful ripe sweet cherry. Not dried and stays long.

Liptensity from M.A.C, Tint of BURNT Violet, 1750 USD

L’Absolu Rouge from Lancôme, Tint 397 BERRY NOIR

In the recent update of the L’Absolu Rouge Lancôme line made a bet on the design and the formula-enriched and moisturizing components. 397 BERRY NOIR is not the most dark in the collection, but very noble and light satin glitter. It is easy and convenient to apply even beginners in make-up, because lipstick is not very pigmented and moisturizes the weathered lips. Great looks on slightly tanned skin. If you fly away somewhere on New Year’s holidays, feel free to take it with you.

L’Absolu Rouge from Lancôme, Shade 397 Berry Noir, 2580 USD

Matte Lip Color + Primer from Clinique, Tint Avant Garde Pop

Matte lipstick, which does not dry lips – no longer on the market. But this we love not only for her beautiful plum-wine shade, but for the fact that it fully justifies the prefix Primer in the title. Lipstick does not dry her lips, cares for them and evenly falls. As part – Vitamin E, avocado oil and sunflower seeds. Eaten without spaces, so after meals do not forget to update the layer.

Matte Lip Color + Primer from Clinique, Shade Avant Garde Pop, 2050 USD

Vice from Urban Decay, Shade Jawbreaker

10 Best daisy season

An early American brand replaced his lipstick Revolution on a giant series of VICE, the face of which became the model and the star of the "Orange – Hit of the season" Ruby Rose. Of the 100 shades, we chose a brand brand – absolutely matte lilac. A shuffle lipstick with a bright pigment and cream texture has also thoughtful composition: aloe vera extract, jojoba oil, avocado, babasse and illite nourish the skin of the lips. To create an ideal circuit will have to try, so it is better to use a brush for applying. Color It turns out saturated, but just so in the elevator this lipstick do not cover your lips.

Vice from Urban Decay, Shade Jawbreaker, 1250 USD

Pure Color Envy Lip Potion from Estée Lauder, Shade 440 Savage Garden

Liquid lipstick 2-B-1 is a juicy color and lip care, due to hyaluronic acid and oil complex in composition. A significant plus of this lipstick (and maybe for someone minus) – a small applicator, which is easy to create a clear outline and draw corners. In the line, we chose a blueberry tint: dark and simultaneously luminous. Leaves the traces of almost all, so do not even try to get into the lips with a napkin – it is useless. Just be careful, such a shade is worth.

Pure Color Envy Lip Potion from Estee Lauder, Shade 440 Savage Garden, 2295 USD

Be Legendary Lipstick from SMashbox, Tint Black Cherry

In the updated lip collection of Be Legendary, now 120 shades, among which there is a lilac, gray, black and blue. Color Black Cherry – Classic Cold Cherry. Her dignity is the possibility of carrying translucent on the lips, if you add in one layer. Therefore, the lipstick goes to the department of universal: in one layer during the day, in two or three for the evening promenade.

Be Legendary Lipstick from SMashbox, Shade Black Cherry, 1450 USD

Ombre Lip Duo from NYX, Hue Hearts&Spades

NYX (which, by the way, even makes cosmetics for vegans) proposes to create a fashionable ombre effect on the lips. Ombre lip duo – bilateral lipstick-pencil, where on the one hand – classic red lipstick, and on the other – black pencil. Such a rattling mixture will make it possible to create a beautiful dark cherry gradient. The depth of the shade and the transition border is adjustable only you, and the black pencil can also be used for eye makeup.

10 Best daisy season

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