10 best coloring techniques for dark hair

If you have dark and saturated hair, then this does not mean that they do not need staining. Bright, brilliant, unusual hair color will definitely make you for several years younger, give the face of freshness and healthy color. We will tell you about the 10 most stylish coloring techniques for dark hair.

We have already told you about the 10 most popular painting of autumn. But not everyone can decide on radical changes. And especially it concerns girls with dark hair, which are difficult to paint. However, there are many ways to update hair color that do not assume total repainting. If you are tired of the same hair and want to bring changes to the image, then we have an ideal solution for you: the best coloring techniques for dark hair. Yes, dark hair is sexy and bright, but it is not enough to look as much as possible. Especially, the natural color of the hair constantly burns out, flutters, dim … We know how to provide beauty and healthy kind of your hair. Coloring of individual strands is one of the best options for dark-haired girls. Not easy to repaint dark hair into any other color. However, you can achieve an excellent result if you repaint separate strands. So, in front of you the most stylish techniques for dark hair.

1. Smoky color

This option for those who do not want to radically change the hair color. Chocolate tone, ash, dark gray … These are the best colors in order to refresh and update the image. Hairstyle looks very original and stylish.

2. Copper color

This is a classic, very popular and most successful color for girls with dark hair. This tone of coloring remains popular for a long time, but this season has become a clear trend.

3. Chocolate color

This season, Kim Kardashian preferred a chocolate color straight, which look very original and stylishly due to the ashtone. Yes, the chocolate springs really very beautifully shimmer the ashten. Incredible combination is not true? Just look at the hairstyle Kim Kardashian and see for yourself. She created natural, but at the same time brilliant, healthy and stylish hair color.

4. California strands (copper color)

California strands are also very suitable for dark hair. Yes, it turns out a big contrast between the dark color of the roots and bright strands of staining. However, this contrast creates a very stylish image! With volumetric curls and half-band hair, this staining looks youth, brutally, effectively.

5. California strands (ash color)

Californian gray strands – one of the main trends of the autumn-winter season 2019/2020. In addition, it is the perfect coloring technique for those who want updates without radical changes.

6. Caramel Balluzh

Strands Bailing caramel color are ideal for making light hair. Caramel Ballwear looks brilliantly and saturated due to the fact that light caramel color merge and natural dark hair color. In this case, natural tone is preserved, shine, brightness and saturation appears. If you have a short haircut, then caramel balezh will give you sexuality.

7. Ombre

10 Best coloring techniques for dark hair

Eva Longoria has already preferred this type of coloring. The actress leaves natural tone of the roots and brightens the tips for several tones. Eva Longoria is considered one of the sexiest dark-haired actresses of modernity. She manages to maintain his natural color, without giving up the original children.

eight. Balluzh (Blond)

Olivia Palermo simply adores equipment Ball. The lighter tone of staining, the more beautiful the game of color and sun rays. Just see how Olivia hair shine. Ballow Blonde Blond looks very natural and stylish.

nine. Babylights

Another very stylish option for dark hair – Babylight dyeing. This type of coloring is not very different from the equipment Ballozh or Californian strands, but still there are some differences in color and in the applied itself. Thin strands are painted in caramel, copper and color blond. Thus, it turns out beautiful overflows, and hair looks shiny and healthy.

ten. Bailroom on the contrary

The perfect option for those girls who have always dreamed to repaint blond. What is baley on the contrary? We are talking about technology when the roots of the hair are more lit, and not tips. Kate Middleton chose this coloring technique and did not lose! She looks much younger than his years, and her face shines health and freshness.

If these 10 coloring techniques inspired you to radical changes, then pay attention to the 12 best haircuts of the autumn-winter 2019/2020 . Also, do not miss 9 trend hairstyles of autumn to keep up with fashionable new products! Well, be sure to complete the image with the most stylish autumn accessories, because without them no image will not be full.

10 Best coloring techniques for dark hair

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