10 best books Erich Mary Remarque

Erich Mary Remarque (Erich Paul Remark) – one of the most readable and favorite German writers of the 20th century. In 1939, I emigrated to America, I received citizenship there.

Born and brought up in a large family bookbread family. He graduated from the teacher seminary, subsequently changed a lot of professions. In 1916 he fought on the Western Front, having received injured there.

The writer had a rapid novel with Marlene Dietrich. He takes the name of the mother as a literary pseudonym after her death.

And the relationship of the remark with his father, and the arrest of his sister for antihytler activities, and participation in the First World War, and many real events from their own life formed the basis of the works of the Great Writer. Despite the simplicity of style, his novels are amazing and exciting. They are read now, and many more generations will be read.

1. "On the Western Front without Change"

2. "On the Western Front without change. Return"

Roman has been published in 1931 and is a continuation of the previous work. He is named "The greatest book success of all time" and the best story about the First World War. The main characters are the same as in the previous book, but who returned home. For them the war is still not over. Now she kills their souls.

3. "Spark of Life"

The novel, released in 1952, is dedicated to the author’s sister. The Nazis arrested it in 1943 for anti-fascist agitation and beheaded. The action of the book takes place in the fictional concentration camp, the author was based on the data on Buchenwalde. No one wanted to publish the work, and the criticism took it "in the bayonets". However, the victims of concentration camps he had fallen. Because they know that when everything is taken away, only a spark of life remains, which gives the strength to survive and live on.

4. "Time to live and dying time"

Anti-war work, published in 1954. The events of the novel occur in 1944, during the retreat of German soldiers from the USSR. The main character receives an order – shoot four partisans. However, instead, he kills his commander. In "Gratitude" one of the partisans kills his Savior. It’s time to die. Will there ever come to live?

5. "Black obelisk"

Roman has been published in 1956. The work is based on real events from the author’s life, when he worked in a workshop manufacturing gravestone monuments. The main character is similar to the remark, playing the organ for free lunch. He just returned from the war. It was necessary to somehow survive. It was necessary to "lick" spiritual wounds, it is necessary to sell black obeliski not necessary for anyone ..

6. "Life loan"

Roman was published in the German magazine in 1959. The first book edition was published in 1961 called "Heaven do not know pets". Psychological work without a political component. The basis of the novel – the love relationships of the couple in which the girl is fatal. When the last day will come? Or she has long been borrowed ..

10 Best books Erich Mary Remarque

7. "Night in Lisbon"

Roman printed in the journal in 1961, and the next year a full-scale book was published. The main character with his girlfriend runs from the fascists, trying to get a steamer tickets. One person promises to give him tickets if he listens to his story. The stranger talks all night about his dramatic life and tragedy of Europe, affected by fascism.

eight. "Shadows in paradise"

The novel was published in 1971 after the death of the remark of his widow. The main character is a journalist coming at the end of the war to America. He collects refugee stories filled with tragedy and psychological injuries brought by war. Each of them has their own fate: someone begins to "drink" spiritual flour, the other leaves with his head to work, the third becomes the finished cynic. All of them shadows trying to adapt to peaceful life, to life in paradise, without war.

nine. "Three comrades"

Perhaps the most famous and beloved Roman Remarik, published in Denmark in 1936. It is called "the most beautiful novel about love and friendship 20 centuries". Three friends, three comrades. Such different, from different social layers, with different fate. In the center of the work – the love of one of the friends and his girls.

ten. "Triumphal Arch"

Also one of the most famous works of the writer. Published in America in 1946. It is assumed that Marlene Dietrich became the prototype, with which the author had a rapid love affair, who left him the incurable soul wounds. Events occur before World War II. The main character is a qualified surgeon emigrated from Germany to France, without citizenship. Forced to constantly hide, he and day, and at night operates patients. Roman ends at the beginning of the war.

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