10 beauty bugs that spoil your skin

Ot of the simplest rules of daily care and removal of makeup until the skin restoring after the peels and botulinitherapy.

Do not wash the water

Some girls believe that water supposedly dries the skin of the face. This is a huge delusion! Washing – Important and indispensable stage in caring and cleansing absolutely any type of skin. The exception may only be one thing: if you have hypersensitive or atopic skin, in this case the method of purification is assigned to the treated dermatologist. Why wash so important? Because no, even the highest quality means for the demaciament will not be able to clear the pores as well as the cleaning agents with water. Feeling dryness and struts will never occur if selecting means for washing by skin type and not neglect the next step in the deposit – tonization.

Do not wash the micellar water

Yes, yes, in advertising you are promised to a miracle: a couple of cotton disks, a Vzhik-Vzhik and you can go to bed. In fact of micelles – particles from which micellar water consists – These are quite active substances whose task – Dissolve Makeup Pigments. But after the paints are washed away, you still need to wash! Day after day leaving micelles on the skin, you break the lipid (that is, the protective) mantle of the skin, it becomes more sensitive and thinned. And the thinner of the skin, the faster wrinkles appear on it.

Too often clean the problem skin

From frequent washing, the skin will not be less fat. It can provoke the reinforced work of the sebaceous glands – With the help of Cebum, the body is trying to moisten the risen skin. To get rid of acne, it is important to maintain hydrolypide and acid barriers. Frequent cleansing does not allow it to do.

Wash cool water using gels with neutral pH – Hot Expands Rolls Song glands.

After cleansing, be sure to use tonic – We need to neutralize an alkaline environment that creates an excellent atmosphere for infections. Read the composition! Ideal if in tonic contains herbs extracts with soothing and antibacterial effects of chamomile, aloe, calendula, tea tree.

Do not follow the recommendation of the doctor after the injections of botulinumoxin

Immediately after the procedure, in no case can you do sports, tilt your head or go to bed. Doctors often recommend not to visit the sauna immediately after injection, but it will not cause complications – just the drug may not take or the effect of the procedure will be very short. It is also necessary to remember that the place of the injection – This is a wound, if it is torn with dirty hands, or immediately apply tonal cream, powdered (and other means of makeup), then inflammation may form.

Often using deodorant

Migrating depressions – cluster of lymph nodes whose task – as soon as possible withdraw the whole «rubbish» From the body: bacteria, toxins, slags.

In 90% of antiperspirants implemented in stores and pharmacies, contain aluminum, talc, parabens. And premium brands – not an exception. All these substances climb pores, impede normal exchange processes.

Thus, the body partially deprives one important feature – detoxification.

Decay products, toxins and all that was supposed to say goodbye to you remains inside, continuing to do «Dirty work». Such an organism «relatives» Do not soul – He tries to get rid of them with all available ways. Guess where the reserve «output» For unreasonable guests? On the skin (one of its basic functions – excretory) – Hi, acne.

Apply a face mask on the eye around the eyes

10 Beauty bugs that spoil your skin

If the mask is not intended for use on the skin around the eyes, in no case do not apply it to the periorbital area. Leather around the eyes – very thin and sensitive. In this zone, there is practically no layer of subcutaneous fatty cells, and vessels are very close. Active ingredients in the composition of masks can cause burning, redness and swelling – it only spoils the skin.

Independently remove flavored skin after peelings

Peeling skin in no case can be eliminated independently! Each professional cosmetics manufacturer has special postpiling creams. Standard care needs to be replaced with them. After peeling, it is important to comply with some important rules. The main thing – Protect the skin from ultraviolet the entire period of rehabilitation, the duration of which determines the doctor (under the influence of sun rays there is a risk of hyperpigmentation). Choose funds with a factor of 30.

Do not use serum

Goodbye if you are 22, and you know do not know what wrinkles are. But at the first signs of aging, Ignore this stage of care – frivolity, if not recklessness. Serum formulas contain active ingredients in maximum concentration, as deeply penetrate into the skin and. main. Enhances the subsequent action of the cream. But at the same time it is not replaced! Serum works against a specific problem (dry, wrinkle, pigmentation and t.D.), and the cream has the main functionality – protective. Due to the more dense consistency, it creates a kind of screen on the skin against the harmful effects of the environment. About the excellent SISLEY I was told here .

Not my sponge and brushes

Dirty sponges – An ideal place for breeding bacteria. When you apply the tone, they fall on the face and cause inflammation and purulent rashes – how does it spoil the skin you know. Wash and handle the brushes with a disinfectant solution at least once a week.

Use moisturizing creams with mineral oils (especially if you have so problem skin)

Mineral oil creates an invisible film on the skin, so the pores are blocked. The processes of microcirculation are violated and not only problems associated with acne are exacerbated, – The quality of the skin in general is worsen, it is thinned, the face color fades. That is why this ingredients are extremely undesirable and even dangerous as part of moisturizing skin care products.

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