10 amazing places of Dubai, which only local residents know about

Speaking about traveling to Dubai, many immediately imagine a skyscraper of Burj Khalifa, camels and shopping centers, which are famous for megapolis. For those who are looking for something unique in every trip, it is best to apply for tips to local residents. In this bright, cosmopolitan and distinctive city there are many secret cultural and gastronomic places.

Learn the Secrets of Calligraphy

Calligraphy – the treasure of the Arab world and the key form of self-expression and creativity in Islamic culture. On Alserval Avenue, there is a studio of the world-famous artist El Seed with his intricate work and art projects in which traditional Arabic calligraphy is mixed with bright colors and live graffiti stylists. Calligraffy El Seed can be found in famous public spaces, galleries and various buildings, both in Dubai and in the cities of the United States, Korea, Tunisia, France, Qatar, Great Britain and others, including his first public art project in Dubai in Biocupol Green Planet and sculpture he created specifically for Dubai Opera.

Make decoration on your own sketch

Want to surprise relatives and loved ones truly unusual souvenir after a trip to Dubai? Great idea will be the creation of author’s golden decoration. Places like Cara Jewellers jewelry stores or other gold market (Gold Souq) or in Gold and Diamond Park (Gold & Diamond Park), offer moderate prices for 18 carat gold, and guests will receive their custom jewelry until the end of stay in the city. Also excellent memories of Dubai will be the engagement ring made by own design.

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Try henna painting

Henna painting is another form of art, which over time has become the traditional Crafts of the Middle East. Henna became one of the first natural tools for Body Art. Henna’s painting is still a popular beauty effect on Dubai and plays an important role in the lives of many local women. This ancient form of art was improved by several emirate artists. For those who want to learn more about this Eastern tradition, it will be interesting to visit Heritage for Henna and Rachna Salon salons, Pioneers of Arabic Design Henna.

Sew clothes to order

Although in Dubai you can find many boutiques and shopping centers with stylish clothes, why not sew a suit or dress to order? Satva, one of the most curious areas of the city, is a house for many tailoring and Dubai haberdashers. On the streets of the district there are a lot of small stores with a variety of fabrics – they can be purchased, and then order in tailor clothing, which will be ready for several days.

Meet the sunset on the secret beach

Dubai coastline is full of beautiful beaches, but none of them look like another – every coast has its own personality. BLACK PALACE Beach is ideal for those who love secluded rest and special, hidden from extraneous eyes. This secluded area of ​​the public beach is located between the free economic zone of Dubai Media City and the Royal Summer Palaces in the Al-Sufuh district. It is characterized by crystal blue water, ideally suitable for swimming, and sunsets overlooking Palm Jumeirah is just fascinated here.

Schedule the best fish in the city

Deira Waterfront Market Fish Market – One of the best places where you can buy fresh fish. This market has come to replace the Deira Fish Souk market in 2017. Everything is noisy here, chaotically, but at the same time very atmospheric. If you decide to purchase a fish here, be sure to trample – this is part of the tradition. Then you can go to one of the restaurants on the waterfront, where the fish will prepare for only 15 dirhams.

10 Amazing places of Dubai, which only local residents know about

Try the most delicious tea

Although Gahwa (Arabic coffee) is one of the business cards of the Emirates, a great popularity among the local young generation enjoys milk and sweet tea Caraca. Traditionally, it is cooked on a weak heat and consists of a combination of black tea, milk, sugar and Indian spices, such as cardamom, carnation, ginger and cinnamon to enhance taste. Great place to try Caraca – Cafe Filli Tea & Café, which has become one of the first franchises, promoting the idea of ​​drinking tea Karak Local production in a cafe. Locals also love to drink tea in the areas of Satva and Bur-Dubai, where you can take a cup of tea in just 1 or 2 Dirhama.

Eat and admire the old town

Frying Pan Adventures will help to feel the real taste of Dubai, which will familiarize yourself with the gastronomic places that have not yet been loaned by tourists. Their new project is called "Gastronomic Tour of Dubai on Wheels": Guests sit down to the bus, where they are waiting for tasting dishes, exciting stories and types of colorful street art in four different quarters of the Old Town. While they try the Arab and emirate dishes, as well as the food of various local communities, the guide will tell about the history of turning the oak from a small coastal settlement to this metropolis.

Learn to prepare emirate dishes

For those who want to surprise their friends after a trip, having prepared them with traditional emirate dishes, Restaurant Seven Sands invites you to take part in the culinary master class Emirati Cooking Class. He passes every Tuesday from 10:00 to 12:00. Here you can evaluate the local emirate cuisine and prepare two popular national dishes. Then guests can try their culinary creations during lunch of three dishes, which includes meza (traditional snacks), main dish and emirate dessert.


The breakdown of the day has long been the most popular gastronomic tradition for local residents. The working week here lasts from Sunday to Thursday, so Friday – the time when such unlike each other Residents of Dubai are going together to mark the beginning of the weekend. Although in the emirate of the late breakfast traditionally passes on Fridays, recently this gastronomic tradition is increasingly spreading on Saturday. For inspiration, you can look at the site MR and MRS Brunch, which awarded a variety of awards and provides reviews of the best races in the UAE.

10 Amazing places of Dubai, which only local residents know about

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