10 advantages of consuming green tea for your health

Green tea is widely used not only as an invigorating and refreshing drink, but also a cosmetic component for thousands of years. Come to the European part of the world from Asia, he has long gained strong positions in the market of drinks and cosmetics, having achieved everywhere. It is drinking for cheerfulness and longevity, used to reduce blood pressure and even &# 8211; Prevention of cancer. But, this is not all the beneficial properties of green tea, which is worth paying attention. What is still valuable?

1. Stimulates metabolism when weight loss

Scientists have long been confirmed by the ability of green tea to significantly accelerate metabolic processes. Polyphenols, which are contained in this beverage, are beneficial to the intensity of the combustion process of fats converted into useful energy. That is why the extract from these fragrant leaves is very often used by various manufacturers in the manufacture of additives for athletes and preparations for those who want to lose weight.

2. Protects the heart

Green tea contains valuable components capable of strengthening blood vessels and maintain their best shape. Thanks to such support, they can be much longer to resist harsh blood pressure drops. In addition, some of the active substances contained in this beverage are able to counteract the process of the appearance of thrombus and prevent the emergence of one of the main causes of heart attacks.

3. Protects from diabetes

Regular use of green tea as a prophylactic agent helps not only to rid your body from excess accumulated fluid, but also adjust the sufficient level of blood glucose after meals. That is how you can prevent adverse insulin level drops, adversely affect your health and leading to diabetes.

4. Controls the number of cholesterol

It has long been proven that green tea is able to reduce the number of "bad" and increase the content of "good" cholesterol in the body. Thanks to this property, this drink can be used as a prophylactic agent counteracting the emergence of serious heart disease.

5. Reduces the likelihood of the appearance of Parkinson or Alzheimer’s disease

As a result of large-scale research, it was found that the active ingredients contained in this valuable drink are able to protect the brain cells and promote their recovery. Open scientists The effect allows them to hope that the regular use of green tea can reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s diseases and Parkinson.

6. Contributes to the normalization of blood pressure

Ancient Chinese healers were noted that people suffering from arterial hypertension, with regular use of green tea, felt much better. It is very important that green tea, not only reduces the pressure during its excess, but also normalizes with a lack of.

7. Has antibacterial and antiviral properties

10 Advantages of consuming green tea for your health

Catechins contained in such a tea will certainly be useful as auxiliary means in the treatment of a wide variety of colds. In addition, used as a preventive tool, they will strengthen the immune system in the cold period and will support your body during stress.

eight. Helps against caries

Catechins are capable of fighting not only with the infections of the upper respiratory tract, but also caries. Their antibacterial and antiviral properties begin their useful work in the oral cavity, helping to get rid of the destructive effects of harmful bacteria on the teeth and gums. By the way, some organic toothpastes contain extract from this tea.

nine. Helps to fight depression

Such a valuable property, green tea is obliged to the content of the theanine – valuable amino acid, which has a soothing effect. This substance is capable of a period of severe stress to beneficially influence your psyche, stabilizing it and eliminating the symptoms of anxiety.

ten. Favorably affects the skin

Green tea extract containing valuable antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components added to cosmetic means is able to perfectly affect skin. All this valuable complex, due to its properties, actively blocks the unfavorable activity of free radicals and prevents the intensification of the aging process. In addition, the components of green tea can act as a filter against UV radiation contained in the light of the sun and lamps in the solarium.

Of course, you should not hope that only 1 cup of this wonderful drink during the day, will be able to provide you with such a large amount of valuable advantages. Nutritionists recommend drinking it much more and even replace green tea familiar morning coffee. And during the summer heat, it is recommended to use this drink chilled.

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