10 actors who repeated the tragic fate of their kinheroev

Lisa.RU talks about movie stars, for which shooting in films became prophetic and fatal. Many sad events from the film actors had to survive in real life.

Robert Downey Jr

In 1987, the actor starred in a criminal picture "Less zero" about young people who are dependent on drugs and constantly idle. Roberta so paid the role that not only film crimits rated his talent, but also drug addicts noted that in fact they behave like the actor portrayed.

It was rumored that Downey Jr. Shortly before the filming began to abuse for prohibited substances in order to accomplish. This, of course, it turned out perfectly, but the shooting ended, and there is no addiction to drugs. Robert, who was betrayed by such substances in childhood, could not stop.

Dependence cost him a career: Many film studios were broken with him, his name was constantly on the pages of the secular chronicle, and once an actor was even sentenced to 16 months of imprisonment. Downey Jr. dropped almost the same as his hero in the film "Less zero", and when he did not find out of this puchin, he even tried to reduce the scores with life. Fortunately, the actor took himself in his hands, could overcome the disease and returned his star name.

David spiritual

David for seven years starred in the TV series "Raudley California", where his character Hank Moudi suffered from hypersexuality and abused with alcoholic beverages. Surprisingly, the actor followed the example of his hero and began to lead the same rampant lifestyle. Spiritual not just attributed numerous novels with colleagues, but also noticed in the company of different girls.

When the actor’s wife learned about this, she threatened him a divorce. David decided to undergo a course of treatment in the clinic, but the situation did not improve – he became a real sexHolik. The stars of the star of the "Raudley California" series did not stand his constant change and a trimmed way of life and still filed for divorce. In 2014, the pair terminated his marriage, and in the same year a multi-sieuled film was completed with the participation of the actor, which became fatal for him.

In 2017, rumors appeared that David was finally settled and began to meet with the athlete Monique Pendlberry. The girl often accompanied the actor, went to rest with him and, by rumors, even managed to introduce him to parents.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

In 2015, Angelina Jolie introduced the project "Cote d’Azur", in which he spoke not only as an actress, but also as a director. The main role was performed and her then the husband Brad Pitt. In the plot of Vanessa and Roland’s wife and are experiencing a crisis in relationships, they are gradually moving away from each other, but they are looking for the opportunity to save the family. The couple goes on the journey and stops in the seaside town.

Soon after the premiere of the picture it became known that the stars are actually experiencing not the best period in their lives, and in 2016 Brad and Angie began a loud broken-produced process, which shocked not only Hollywood, but the whole world. Apparently, Jolie premeditated further events in their marital life.

Irina Alferova and Alexander Abdulov

One of the most beautiful pairs of Soviet cinema in 1979, he starred in the film "Do not part with your loved ones", which predicted their future. The characters of the actors were a married couple who were on the verge of divorce and experienced a crisis in relationships. History repeatedly in real life: the actors who lived together for seven years often quarreled and scandals.

Irina dreamed of a quiet family life, while Alexander was a soul of the company, constantly spent time at noisy parties. Alferov recognized that in this marriage she cried almost every day. In addition, Abdulov found a consolation in the arms of other women, and his spouse often jealous. Having learned about the next betrayal, the actress decided that she no longer wants to live like that, and was filed for divorce.

10 Actors who repeated the tragic fate of their kinheroev

Nonna Mordyukova

In 1971, Nonna Viktorovna, together with Son Vladimir Tikhonov, starred in the film "Russian Field". Participation in this project cost her huge efforts and was repeatedly reflected on its emotional state. It was harder to play in the scene, where her heroine says goodbye to the deceased son. The actress could not enter the image and was horrified by one thought, how to bury your own child.

Unfortunately, this story was repeated in real life: at the age of 40, Vladimir went away because of heart failure. Nonna Viktorovna until the end of his days could not accept the death of his only child.

Anatoly Papanov

Shortly before his death, the legendary actor starred in the picture "time of desires", where his hero dies from a heart attack. In 1987, the life of the 64-year-old Anatoly Papanova was cut into – he died in his apartment from a heart attack. According to doctors, the actor suffered from cardiovascular insufficiency for a long time.

Konstantin Khabensky

The actor’s hero from the film "Female Property" falls in love with a woman who has discovered a serious illness. Despite this, a man remains with her and constantly supports, but at the end of the film his beloved still dies. Constantine’s life was no less sad – in 2008 his wife, who had a brain tumor, left life. Shortly before the birth, Anastasia fell into an accident that could cause illness.

However, she refused to immediately be treated, as it was afraid that it could harm the child. Khabensky tried to cure his wife: he addressed both domestic and overseas doctors. Unfortunately, treatment did not help, Anastasia could not be able to save.

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