10 actors "Game of Thrones": Who will keep at the peak of popularity?

Despite the fact that her work in films "star Wars" and "Terminator" did not succeed, Emilia Clark was still an international celebrity thanks to the film "See you with you". Such luck falls only to units. Possibility of failure career: 1/5. The mother of dragons has a style and the necessary charisma to become the queen of romantic comedies. Her next film "Last Christmas" can be the most popular Christmas film year. And this is without the intervention of the army of the Dotrachetsev.

2. Keith Harrington

The emptiness in the actor’s schedule is the best proof that even Kit himself does not know how his career will unfold, which so rapidly began due to his work in the series "Game of Thrones". To resist at the top of success – not easy, and the attempts of China do it using the filming in the film "Pompeii" Faise. After all, we always want the actors to surprise us, however? Career failure opportunity: 2.5 / 5. Like John Snow himself, we do not know what will happen next.

3. Peter Dinklaj

During filming "Game Thrones" Peter managed to play in the independent cinema in Hollywood ("Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri") and play in such saga as "Avengers" and "Xu People". Peter Dinklage also worked on some projects like a dubbing actor. Career failure opportunity: 4/5. Tyrion Lannister is a legendary role and it is unlikely that Piter will once again fall out the same big and deep role. Unfortunately, even in Hollywood they write little roles for dwarfs. Although his talent certainly deserves big roles.

4. Lina Hidi

Briton Lina Hidi has become one of the few celebrities of the first season "Game of Thrones", with which the British viewer was already familiar. Lina had experience in many films we, unfortunately, did not see the cinema bills. She works a lot on the dubbing of films and cartoons, like Peter Dinklage. Career failure opportunity: 3/5. Surely we will no longer see this actress in the same big and deep role as the role of Serne Lannister. And we do not need. First-class actress and first-class work.

5. Nikolai Koster-Waldau

Play the main role in the film Brian de Palm – it is probably a happy ticket for any actor. Nikolai Koster Valdau received this opportunity three years ago. However, 2019 was not so generous for the actor. Soon the movie should come out "Domino" with his participation. Unfortunately, critics are already published negative film reviews. The actor also duplicates films and cartoons, filmed in films in their native country, in Denmark. Career failure opportunity: 4.5 / 5. Jamie Lannister will make us learn Danish so that we can look at the good work of the actor Nikolai Koster-Waldau.

6. Macy Williams

Actress Macy Williams made his debut in "Game Thrones" at 13 years old. It is hard to predict her future in the film industry, since we cannot talk about her way to glory, about failures and luck. It all depends on the movie "X-Man: New Mutants", whose premiere has been transferred several times. The failure of the film is expected, so the creators may not release it at all on large screens. Career failure opportunity: 3/5. We hope that one day the actress will force us to forget the incredible army of Stark. But it’s too early to talk about it.

7. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner received the role of Sansa Stark at 14. It was her debut on the screen. Now the fate actresses depends on her work in the film "Xu People: Dark Phoenix", in which she played a major role. The future of Sophie, like Macy, is still very foggy, although it previously thought that Sophie succeeds in a career. V "Dark Phoenix" Sophie played next to such big actors as Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chestain and Michael Fassbender. Career failure opportunity: 3/5. By the way, its appearance in the group clip "Jonas Brothers" (group of groom Sophie Turner) does not promise anything good.

10 Actors game of thrones who will keep at the peak of popularity

eight. Isaac Hempsted-Wright

The role of Brana Stark became the only role for Aizek Hempsted-Wright actor since 2011. It can be said that his career just begins! It all depends on his future projects. For example, a movie will soon be released, where he was lucky to work with Colin Farrell and Lily Rose Depp. Career failure opportunity: 4/5. We will need three-chapted raven in order to predict the future of Aizek Hempsteda-Wright actor, but we still have a reason for optimism.

nine. Alfa Allen

Actor Alfa Allen has the most promising future from the entire cast "Game of Thrones". Together with Emma Thompson we will see him in the film director Keitlin Moran, as well as in the film "Rabbit Jodjo" Director Thai Weiti. Possibility of failure career: 1/5. Many viewers did not love the theon of Greyjoy, but Alfie Allen would definitely fell in love with their talent and charisma.

ten. Gwendolin Christie

Beautiful Gwendoline Christie 100% used its medieval appearance in working on the role of Baryna Tart. In addition, she starred in the film "star Wars" and "Top of Lake", who secured her in strong positions in Hollywood. What is her professional future? The film director Armando Ianchci will soon be released "Life of David Copperfield", What can not but please the fans of Gwendoline. Career failure opportunity: 0/5. Christie came to stay … and we look forward to her next works in the cinema!

No matter how developing the series of actors series "Game of Thrones", They will still remain for us with loved characters no less beloved saga about the fight for the throne. Want to learn more about the life of these celebrities and the series itself? Then do not miss the selection of stylish images of the main characters of the series.

10 Actors game of thrones who will keep at the peak of popularity

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