1 + 1: The most efficient exercises for the pair training

Drown fat or pumping press or buttocks together not only more fun, but also more productive. And we have visual proof (video inside) of this fact.

Ruslan Cher, founder Training project Sherbootcamp: "Why train together is cool, productive and fun? This is what will give you additional motivation and energy, when you are tired or, God forbid, you want to miss training. The moment of gaining real power and the feeling of the partner’s shoulder when you hear "Let’s still!"," Kamon!", "You can!"From the mouth of the partner, which is laid out with you, is invaluable. It was then that you feel really athlete, a champion, winner on the site or in the hall. Well, of course, these are emotions and endorphins, so choose yourself a fun and cheerful partner, in addition to the forces of physical you filled each other with smiles ".

Exercise number 1: "Protein in the wheel"

Immediately both partners are under good load. The first room is in the stop lying and at the right moment goes to the "Dog Morked Down" (Salute, Yoga! – Hands, shoulders, press, back), and the second makes a jump through a partner, pulling the knees to the chest and landing on the foot pillows, after the muscles, hands, press, backs are involved here, and jump again. And so in a circle.

Exercise №2: Plank with the transition + Capture and jump

Also both partners under load. This exercise is effective for the development of the whole body. And the moment: it is important to perform synchronized movements, successful for the partner. The first room is standing in the stop lying and performs the transition from direct hands to the bar on the elbows (the muscles of the hands, shoulder belt, press, back). And the second at this time makes a quit, touching the floor with the fingers, and jumping up on the spot, and then cried with a touch of gender and jump, but already through a partner (all the muscles of the legs work).

Exercise number 3: "Tacchus"

Immediately both partners work together, motivating and encouraging each other. The first number, as usual, stands in the stop lying, and his feet takes partner. The first should have the most smooth position of the plank (without back!) with legs on weight. The second is exactly and not moving, holding the feet of the partner (here you have a good hand scolded). And the first, standing in the suspended bar, begins alternately touching the palm of the variance shoulder, guessing with his hands on hand (here you will feel not only your hands, but also shoulders and press with your back).

Exercise №4: lunge in place with balance

1 1 The most effective exercises for steam training

Here you like playing "Balancer" (a variety of swing, when one goes up, and the other is lowered down and vice versa). That is, you will have an alternate job. You can increase the speed, trying to replay, speed up the partner. One is at the bottom point, and the other – in the top, but, in fact, you make the same thing. Stand on one leg, the knee of another leg is slightly bent and is in front. Make them louds back – so that both knees are at the level of 90 degrees in the joints (femoral bone relative to Berchova). At the same time, there is a knee-standing knee over the foot, behind the standing does not touch the surface, leaving a distance of 2-4 cm from the floor. We get up, that is, we return to the initial position, and again we make a drop. Accent make on the balance at the top.

Exercise number 5: Statistics in the critic + Capture and leap 180 degrees

The most powerful work of the hips in two partners, each other’s motivation, energy, distribution of five. The first number makes a deep cried in a static position: legs on the width of the shoulders, the pelvis back, the corner in the knees of 90 degrees, and they are above the foot center (do not go for socks!), hands in front of them. And the second also makes the critic, gives the five partner, performs a jump up with a turn of 180 degrees, concerns the hands of the floor, the jump returns back to the original, gives five – and again jumping with a reversal. All leg muscles work, ranging from calf to quadriceps and biceps hips.

Exercise number 6: Army jumping

Cardio network that is worth performing easily, easy and fun, and finish like video. You can jump in one pace or each with its speed – no matter. Right position – legs together, hands along the thighs. Jumping putting legs to the side on the width of the shoulders or slightly wider, and we make cotton over your head and go back attentive. There are muscles of legs, hands, shoulder belt and, of course, our heart, actually, as in every exercise.

1 1 The most effective exercises for steam training

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