1: 0 In your favor: how football will help become an ideal wife

On Saturday, the UEFA Champions League Final will be held, so you should not plan something on the second half of the day. Show flexibility and understanding, and even better – offer your husband to arrange a football party at your home with watching match, and at this time go to a meeting with friends.

  • Food
  • Cheese balls
  • Chicken wings
  • Lays Strong

But do not forget that the path to the heart lies through the stomach, so and here you will have the opportunity to surprise your man and his friends. Prepare simple but incredibly tasty snacks to beer. Here are some ideas for a soccer table:

Crispy chicken wings

Products that will need:

• Chicken wings – 700 g
• ketchup, mustard – 2. L.
• Soy sauce – 5 st. L.
• garlic – 2 tooth.
• breadcrumbs / sesame / sewage cornflakes – 3 st. L.
• Black ground pepper and curry – ½ h. L.

6 steps – and ready:

1. Wings are well ringed cool water, wipe dry with a paper towel and watering soy sauce to pick them up.
2. Pretty lubricate wings with ketchup, mustard; Sprinkle curry and pepper.
3. Add garlic, pre-cleaned and grated.
4. If you can, we leave everything to be soaked by 1.5-2 hours.
5. Call wings in breading to taste (or mix crackers, sesame and flakes).
6. We put the wings for half an hour in the oven (180 degrees).

Products that will need:

• Water – 450 g
• Wheat flour – 500 g
• Chicken Egg – 2 pcs.
• Creamy oil – 50 g
• Solid cheese – 100 g
• Salt – to taste

5 steps – and ready:

1. For dough boil water together with creamy small.
2. In boiling water we fall asleep the flour and knead the resulting mass.
3. Add eggs and pre-grated cheese, mix and leave the dough half an hour.
4. Ride the dough in length, cut into small pieces and roll balls from them.
5. Cheese balls can be frying in a large amount of oil on a well-warmed pan or bake half an hour (200 degrees).

1 0 In your favor how football will help become an ideal wife

Products that will need:

• Black bread
• Milk – 1 st. L.
• Creamy oil – 2 st. L.
• Salt – to taste
• Sour cream – 30 g
• mayonnaise – 30 g
• garlic 1-2 tooth.
• Greens – to taste

4 steps – and ready:

1. Cut the bread with slices with a thickness of 1 cm (can also be cut diagonally).
2. Pour them with milk and salt.
3. Put on a well-warmed frying pan (pre-put the butter there) and fry to crisp.
4. For garlic sauce: grace garlic, mix with sour cream, mayonnaise and greens.

Fried shrimp kebab

• Royal shrimps, boiled – 1 pack.
• Cherry tomatoes – 1 pack.
• Zucchini (large) – 1 pc.
• Bulgarian pepper – 3 pcs. (Yellow, Red, Green)
• Sesame seeds

• greens (parsley, oregano, basil; finely chopped) – 2 st. L.
• Olive oil – 2 st. L.
• Salt, black ground pepper to taste – to taste
• garlic – 2 tooth. (crushed)

1. Mix all all ingredients for refueling. Pick up shrimp and leave up to 15-20 minutes to boost from the inside.
2. All vegetables (with the exception of cherry tomatoes) cut into cubes.
3. Grease vegetables with olive oil.
4. Rinse on spanks vegetables, alternating with shrimps.
5. Bake 5 minutes on a heated grill (or in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees).
6. Lay out on the dish and sprinkle sesame seeds

Sausages in honey-mustard sauce

• sausages (best small "cocktail") – 30 pcs.
• honey – 4 st. L.
• Fresh cucumber – 1 pc. (optional)
• Sunflower oil – 2 st. L.
• Grainy mustard – 4 st. L.

1. Fry sausages in a pan before the appearance of a crust.
2. Mix honey and mustard, add to sausages and mix.
3. Remove fire and fry another 5 minutes.
4. Sausages can be served separately. And you can drive on the ships together with the cucumber (after cutting it by cubes).

And if you do not have time to cover the real male table, you may not even approach the stove: the perfect snack for male companies – chips. For example, Lay’s Strong, the tastes of which are specifically created for beer: a keeper with horseradish, hunting sausages or royal shrimp.

Sports, friends, beer, delicious food and beloved wife, who organized such an incredible gift, – the husband will certainly appreciate this step on your part and will not remain in debt.

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